Voici une vidéo qui est en train de faire le tour de la toile chez les photographes. Normal, dès qu’il s’agit de comparer Nikon ou Canon, il y a du monde au balcon.

Nikon Girl (et pourquoi pas Canon Boy), de Photo Club, est une d’une histoire d’amour entre un photographe équipé du 1DS mark III de Canon et une photographe possédant un Nikon D200.

C’est bien trouvé, et cette vidéo nous rappelle un certaine vidéo d’un rap Mac or PC.

Voici les paroles :

This is a story from not long ago
about a boy and a girl who fell in love like whoa
but there was a problem I didn’t count on
the fact I was a Canon and she was a Nikon

The photo community was too far gone
they couldnt appreciate what we had goin’ on
we had similar features, made similar pictures
we really weren’t that different but they still couldn’t see

I auto focused on her sexy body
buttons to push didn’t know where to get started
I never thought I’d fall for a D200
but she was so hot, she was all that I wanted


My 1DS mark III
felt more complete
when we were together she said my shots were so unique

But soon you’ll see
we could never be
like Romeo and Juliette
our families disagreed

Ohh Ahh Polish my lens girl
oooahh polish my lens girl
ohh-ahh polish my lens girl
dont leave a thumb print on that lense girl

The two sides always at war
all across the message boards

Dpchallenge what the fuck yo
they could never let go
of the hate no thats for ‘sho
the Nikon gang whooped my ass and made me go

The 70-200 in my pants wouldnt fit inside her Nikon body
made me wear a UV-filter, which I’m against, but shes my shawtay

Mount her on my tripod and screw her on and off and on again
make her take my picture and say I’m the best thats ever been


Cause I’m a Canon gangsta and your a Nikon shawtay
I wanna take a picture of that rockin bootay

We couldnt keep the act up we just had to face the facts
but hey look on the bright side at least we’re not a Pentax

PS : la vidéo est-elle filmée avec un reflex ? Canon ou Nikon ?

Mise à jour : sur le blog de Joey L. (le canoniste sur la vidéo), on apprend qu’il y a un concours derrière cette vidéo, je vous laisse regarder.