As a dad myself, also photographer, and using my children for several projects, I was curious to know how other fathers manage those particular moments of collaborative work with their kids, and kids in general. Luckily I’m friend with three worldwide famous photographers, dads, and during this particular moment of the year I’ve asked Bill Gekas (Australia), Adrian Sommeling (Netherlands) and John Wilhelm (Switzerland) their methods and secrets to realize bold and artistic projects with their child!

10 questions, 10 answers often different, sometimes similar, that we’re going to discover together!

French version is here


1/ Hi Bill/Adrian/John ! Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Bill GekasI was born and live in Melbourne, Australia with my wife Nikoleta and young daughter Athena. Although my photography work is well recognized, by choice I choose not to be a professional photographer for a number of reasons. My works are heavily influenced by the atmosphere, light, colors and emotions of the paintings by the old master painters of which I try to infuse into my photography work.

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